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Concrete Services

Experienced Concrete & Masonry Services in Austin, TX

 Do you have specific engineered plans for a foundation or are you looking for a small backyard patio addition? Whatever the case, our team of experts at Bioscapes has got you covered. We are ICPI certified and will always follow the proper government codes when installing your pavers, as well as the International Residential Code (IRC Code). You can trust that you are hiring a professional and that we’ll get it right the first time for you.

We provide concrete installations for:

Concrete Patios Concrete Driveways Concrete Sidewalks Concrete Foundations Concrete Curbs / Ramps


"Bioscapes did an amazing job tearing up our old walkways, leveling the ground, and installing new lighted walks. They were professional, open to input and very fast - also the best deal we found when sourcing quotes."

Brianna S., via Google
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Concrete Repair

We are more than happy to provide you with a professional assessment of your existing concrete with advice on the best route of action needed to give you what you would like to match your budget.

Pricing: Pricing can be as low as a couple of hundred dollars and goes up from there depending on the work needed.

Concrete project austin tx

Concrete Staining & Sealing

Give your new or existing concrete a unique, decorative look and feel for a low price. This will make any space feel more complete and inviting. Using only the highest quality stains from our local supplier, we offer concrete acid staining, acetone dye staining, pigmented sealing, and water-based staining. Depending on the type of stain you choose to use, we tailor an application process that will ensure proper absorption of your stain to your concrete. Unlike regular paint, our dyes, stains, and sealers do not crack, chip, fade, or flake, and are UV resistant.

Our sealers are non-yellowing, solvent based, high gloss, UV resistant sealers. They are of the highest quality and enhance the color of stains.

Pricing: Pricing starts at $600 for small concrete patios and goes up from there. Factors that affect price are the size of the concrete area needing stain, type of stain / dye / coloring / sealer requested, floor preparation (this is key to a good final product), among other small factors.

Concrete sealing Austin TX

ICPI Certified

You should always have a specialist implementing your pavers. If you don't have the right person installing your pavers they can shift causing issues further down the line.

Masonry Services

Our masonry services include:

  • Interlocking Paver Installation: We take time to carefully cut each paver to fit the overall shape of your desired project, creating projects that will not shift, crack or break. In fact, our walkways and flower bed pavers will usually outlast the life of the person paying for it! Our level of quality is definitely an investment worth making.
  • Stone Work: We build flower beds, retaining walls, tree rings, stone borders, and more. We also repair stonework that has deteriorated or has been damaged. Just like all of our other work, our specialty stonework is priced competitively.
Custom masonry project in Austin, TX

"We love the new patio Bioscapes just finished for us. Everyone I spoke to was helpful and courteous. They worked with our budget and the finished project is great. We plan to work with them in the future for landscaping and other projects!"

Jessica F., via Google
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Concrete Finishes:

  • Exposed Aggregate / Pebble Finish: Light washing of the concrete is done to expose underlying aggregate. Allows a more decorative look with slip resistance.
  • Textured Broom Finish: Can be done lightly or roughly, usually done on outdoor concrete, it is achieved by running a broom over setting concrete. It provides slip resistance.
  • Smooth Finish: Done on indoor concrete, this finish gives a tight, smooth, finish which can be stained or polished as a floor. This finish is NOT slip resistant.

Concrete Stains / Dyes / Sealers:

  • Acid Stain: Acid stains are chemical stains with pigmentation that bind permanently to concrete. They are available in limited colors, but final finished product gives a variegated marble look. Will not crack, chip, or peel.
  • Water Based Stains: Water based stains are stains with water as a base, they use a pigmentation that can penetrate the concrete but are more prone to cracking, chipping, or peeling. The benefit of using these types of stains is that they are available in a wider variety of colors and are not as permanent as acid stains. They also give more of a uniform look as compared to acid stains.
  • Acetone Dyes: Are dyes that are mixed with acetone and sprayed on to clean cured concrete with a special tank sprayer. These dyes penetrate the concrete and are resistant to cracking, chipping, or peeling. They also come in a larger assortment of colors compared to acid stains. They give a variegated marble look but not as pronounced as the acid stains.
  • Pigmented Sealer: An acrylic solvent based sealer with pigmentation in it. These sealers allow coloring and sealing of concrete surfaces in one fell swoop. They are available in a wide variety of colors and give a uniform solid paint like finish. We highly recommend our pigmented sealer installation on new patio additions to help make all pieces of your patio look like one monolithic piece. They are a cheaper alternative to a concrete overlay and can dress up the concrete with a very good-looking color.
Concrete work in Austin, TXPouring concrete in Austin, TX

Useful Concrete Definitions & Descriptions

R.O.W. (Right of Way):

Usually the first 10 feet of property from the street to your actual property line.  Any work done in this area requires permitting in most cases.


The section of driveway that connects to the street / asphalt pavement.  Working / pouring a concrete approach in the city of Austin, requires a licensed right of way contractor.


Pounds per square inch, a unit measure of pressure.


Steel bar used to reinforce concrete. It's used to increase tensile strength and comes in varying thicknesses.  These terms are interchangeable for rebar. Ex: #3 rebar = 3/8” rebar, #4 rebar = 1/2” rebar, #5 rebar = 5/8” rebar.