COVID-19 Response

Considering recent events of the COVID-19 virus, we here at Bioscapes take your health and the health of our employees very seriously. In doing so, we have implemented new procedures in the way we conduct daily business. The following will go into effect immediately:

  • Interaction with clients will be reduced to face timing or calling, if necessary, with the foreman. Foreman will not shake hands with clients and stay 6 feet away in accordance with CDC Guidelines. Workers will not interact with clients for any reason.
  • Please contact 512-201-4033 for immediate assistance. Invoices/payment can be left for clients/foreman in a convenient place of their choosing.
  • Our suppliers are taking extreme precautions in order to meet client demand and to respect social distancing. Material pickups are set up in such a way that there is little to no interaction with one another, and any issues that arise are handled via phone.
  • Our workers are equipped with hand sanitizers/anti-bacterial soap/antibacterial sprays and work masks. They will be frequently washing in order to keep up with CDC guidelines.
  • Workers who are ill will stay home until released from Drs. Care.
  • We will still be doing estimates; however, we will be doing those estimates by going to your residence, and either face time you or call you to get a more accurate picture of what your project entails. Estimates will be left for you in a convenient place. You are also welcomed to send pictures of the area you want worked on; just call 512-201-4033 to request to send pictures via text or email.

Outdoor construction projects naturally do not require interaction with clients other than for issues that arise or for approvals. We only need access to the project area. We expect minimal issues with social distancing in finishing out your projects or starting your projects. Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns. We at Bioscapes thank you all for your patience, support, and understanding with this issue. We look forward to serving you. We wish you all good health.

Melissa & Pete, Bioscapes LLC